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The Compost Wizard 3 qt. Stainless Steel Compost Essential Kit is ideal if you already have a composter and want to compost faster. The kit comes with a 3 quart pail made of stainless steel, in which you can collect kitchen scraps or other small waste for transporting to your composter. Smells are n..
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The Compost Wizard 50 Gallon Dueling Compost Tumbler Starter Kit is the best system for getting started in composting. The kit includes two 25-gallon chambers for making two batches of compost at the same time. The base collects extra composting liquid which can later be poured on garden soil. The b..
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Featuring an efficient drum design, the Good Ideas 90 Gallon Compost Wizard Recycled Plastic Compost Tumbler eliminates the need for strenuous churning. All you have to do is rotate the drum on its stand to quickly and easily mix your compost materials. Glide posts on the base allow the drum to rota..
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When it comes to composting, the Compost Wizard Dual Senior Compost Starter Kit does it all! Make two large batches of compost at the same time with the two 40+ gallon chambers. These chambers are made from BPA free and FDA approved recycled plastic so you can feel safe using your compost on vegetab..
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Convert food scraps, yard waste, and other organic matter into nutrient-rich compost with the help of the Compost Wizard Insulated Composter Single. The 54-gallon, weatherproof, recycled polyethylene composter turns on its base, eliminating the need for messy stirring. Insulated walls keep the decom..
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Reuse your kitchen scraps with the help of the Creative Motion Industries 31 Gallon Garden Compost Bin. This bin features a lightweight construction with handles for easy carrying. The durable construction makes it strong enough to hold up to heavy use...
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Let your trash work for you. Potato peels, carrot ends, that lettuce that was never eaten - all of it can be turned into energy-rich compost with virtually no work at all! This composter holds 86 gallons of material, and features a rotating lid for easy filling. Lateral ventilation slots accelerate ..
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Turn your kitchen waste into rich compost. Smart. Easy. Green. Composting is made so simple. Two large flaps are included for easy filling, and it features a bottom exit door. Crafted from 100% recycled UV-resistant polypropylene (resin), this composter is meant to withstand the wear and tear of th..
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Great for green thumbs or anyone who strives for sustainability, theEnviro Tumbler49 Gallon Resin Compost Tumbleris a convenient way to recycle your outdoor waste and transform it into solid compost and liquid fertilizer, or "compost tea." This nutrient-packed, organic liquid drains from the bin int..
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Additional features Liquid fertilizer reservoir has a 4 gallon capacity Easy to assemble No turning and no tool required Can reduce 3 tons of material to 1 ton annually Designed and developed in Australia Extensively researched and tested bySwinburne University in Australia Tested in 20-ft. refrige..
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Keep your compost bin out in plain view where you're more likely to use it. It's possible with the Exaco 2 in 1 Compost Bucket because this composter has an attractive design that you won't feel compelled to hide. The bucket-in-bucket design means the interior is removable for dishwasher cleaning. R..
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The latest in vertical composting, the Exaco Aeroplus 6000 3-Stage 140 Gallon Compost Bin is smartly built with a large capacity but takes up less space than 2 or 3 regular compost bins. The Polypropylene Copolymer plastic is industrial-quality and 5mm thick making it super durable. This material is..
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