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Soap Dishes & Dispensers

Soap Dishes & Dispensers
You'll always have your favorite hand lotion or liquid soap at the ready with the Borhn Lupara Free-Standing Soap Dispenser resting on your sink. The sleek metal pump top controls dispensing to reduce the risk of waste. You can see through the frosted glass bottle, taking the guesswork out of refill..
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Drop a bar of soap into the Borhn Serezzo Free-Standing Soap Dish to keep it securely stored on the sink. The frosted glass round dish has raised sides that prevent the soap from slipping out, while the metal pedestal base elevates the dish...
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Suitable for hand soap, lotion, and sanitizer, the Borhn Serezzo Free-Standing Soap Dispenser easily dispenses liquids with a quick push on its metal pump top. The frosted glass body is semitransparent, allowing you to see when you need to add more liquid to the easy-fill bottle...
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The sophisticated Creative Home Marble Boulder Liquid Soap Dispenser is versatile and suited to all styles of bathrooms. Made of polished marble, this soap pump brings a spa atmosphere to your home in soft champagne with naturally occurring swirls. Easy to maintain, it can be washed gently with soap..
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Light, airy, and elegant, the Creative Home Marble Bullet Liquid Soap Dispenser is the ideal addition to your bathroom setting. Crafted from natural marble, this piece has metal pump details with a highly polished finish. Felt dots on the base ensure protection for other surfaces. The neutral champa..
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Give your favorite bathroom soaps a sophisticated setting with the Creative Home Marble Bullet Soap Dish. This soap dish is a swank, curved slab of fine quality natural marble. Perfect for bringing elegance to your countertop, it also features felt dots on the bottom to keep it from scratching other..
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Give a touch of style and elegance to your bathroom with the Creative Home Marble Double Rings Liquid Soap Dispenser. Constructed from natural champagne marble, this dispenser is sturdy and long lasting. The soap dispenser has felt dots on the base to protect your counter from scratches...
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The sophisticated Creative Home Marble Fenway Footed Soap Dish is perfectly sized to perch next to your sink to keep your soap conveniently within arm's reach. Made from genuine marble, each dish has a unique natural pattern and color. The rich marble is durable and easy to clean, with felt dots und..
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Add functional luxury to your bathroom with the Creative Home Marble Fenway Liquid Soap Dispenser. Crafted from champagne marble with a metal pump, the refillable dispenser includes protective felt on the base to prevent scratching your countertops. The natural swirls are unique to your dispenser, g..
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Featuring the richly veined patterns of natural marble, the Creative Home Marble Fluted Soap Dish is a chic accent to your bathroom. Complete any existing dcor with the classic modern colors and sleek design of this dish. Easy to clean and with felt beneath the base, it's as practical as it is elega..
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The free standing Creative Home Marble Inverary Liquid Soap Dispenser exudes class and style. Made of natural marble and varying in pattern and color, each piece is truly one of a kind. Its sleek round shape and richly polished finished will add a contemporary sophistication to your bathroom or powd..
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The Creative Home Marble Inverary Soap Dish is a luxurious addition to your bathroom dcor. Crafted from genuine natural marble, the lipped circle dish is polished to enhance the natural color and variety present in the stone. Felt on the bottom protects other surfaces from scratches...
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